Welcome to VideoKit

Cross Platform, Low Code User-generated Content for Unity Engine.

Engineer your App's Virality

VideoKit is a low-code user-generated content SDK for Unity Engine. With VideoKit, you can quickly empower your users to create and share viral content from your application by leveraging the latest advances machine learning and media engineering.

Installing Function

Function provides clients for Python, JavaScript, Unity Engine, and the command line interface (CLI):

// Add the highlighted lines to your `Packages/manifest.json` file:
"scopedRegistries": [
"name": "NatML",
"url": "https://registry.npmjs.com",
"scopes": ["ai.natml.videokit"]
"dependencies": {
"ai.natml.videokit": "0.0.14"

We have iOS (Swift) and Android (Java/Kotlin) integrations coming soon!